Don't Get Cut: Four Tips For Dealing With A Broken Window

3 April 2015
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Broken glass isn't just annoying—it's dangerous too. If you experience a broken window in your home, it is important to clean it up quickly. Even though it may be difficult, it is crucial that you remove all of the glass—even the miniscule shards left behind.

If you don't know where to start, just follow these four tips for cleaning up a broken window:

1. Call a Glass Repair Company

Begin by contacting a local glass repair company. You will need the window repaired or replaced, depending on the damage, and you will want this done quickly.

An open broken window can be potentially dangerous for your home. Thieves and animals may be able to enter through the window, which is scary. Additionally, your home may become very cold or hot—depending on the current weather.

2. Sweep and Vacuum

Once you have contacted a professional glass repair company, begin cleaning up the glass. Start with the large pieces of glass by sweeping or vacuuming. Be thorough and ensure you pick up all the large pieces. You do not want anyone to step on them and injure himself or herself.

3. Pick Up the Shards

It is likely that sweeping and vacuuming won't pick up every single glass piece. You will probably have small, miniscule, pieces of glass left on your floor. Although these pieces are not as big, they can still be dangerous for humans and pets.

You can remove small pieces of glass in several ways. Soft bread of any kind works well; just push it into the flooring and the glass shards should become stuck in the bread. You can also use tape by pushing the sticky side of the tape into the flooring. Another option is to use a raw potato cut in half and pushing it into the glass.

4. Discard the Glass

Once you have picked up all the remnants of the glass, you should dispose of it carefully. Glass can easily cut through a plastic garbage bag and cause a huge mess—or worse, an injury.

When throwing out glass, make sure you double bag it. You can also use a paper bag to contain the glass before putting it into the plastic garbage bag. Another option is to wrap it in newspaper. Whatever method you choose to use, just make sure you dispose of it carefully since broken glass is very sharp and dangerous.

Although dealing with broken glass is not fun, it is something that must be done. Use these tips and the help of a glass repair company, like Suburban Glass & Mirror Limited, to eliminate any broken glass in your home and, of course, to fix your window.