What Your Front Door Says About You: 4 Front Door Color Choices And What They Mean

19 September 2014
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Your front door creates the first impression of your home. A door that is inviting, well taken care of and attractive will let friends, family and passersby know that your house is one that is warm and welcoming. While front doors come in a variety of styles, including Craftsman with stained glass features, traditional and Old World European, aside from the style, there is something else you should consider when it comes to your front door: the color.

The color of your front door sends a definite message to the world (or at least your guests and your neighborhood) and gives a hint at what lies behind the door, and reflects your unique personality.

So, what hue should you choose? Here's a look at some color choices and what they say when painted on your front door.


This color is one of the most popular choices for a front door, and for good reason: it means "welcome". In early American homes, a red front door meant that a home welcomed weary travelers to take a rest. In Feng Shui, an entrance that is painted red creates a welcoming energy.

A red front door means more than "welcome"; it is also thought to provide protection.


If you love the color blue, consider using it on your front door. Not only does it create an unexpected and unique look, but it also calming and soothing.

In Feng Shui, the color blue stands for water and abundance. Water is a soothing element, and since this color represents water, it is thought that this color will transfer to your home when used on the front door. It is also believed that your home will be a place that is abundant in happiness, health and prosperity.

Whether you paint your front door dark or light blue, you can expect that it will turn a lot of heads and that it will create an inviting vibe.


From Kelly to hunter, or moss to sage, a green front door also creates a welcoming impression of your home. However, this color also means prosperity and growth. Since green is the color of money, it is no wonder why it is thought that painting a front door this color will translate to financial success. Flora is green, and since flora grows, it stands to reason that if your front door is painted green, your home will grow with love and life.


If you're looking for a color that is outside the box, consider purple. The color of royals, a front door that wears this shade indicates wealth and honor. While it doesn't necessarily indicate that you are financially well off, it does indicate that you are wealthy in happiness.

Since purple isn't a very common color used on front doors, it can also show that you are tolerant and un-biased.

Your front door does more than serve as an entrance and exit point for your home; it also sends a message. Paint your door one of these colors and you'll be sure to send a positive message. For more tips on door design and color work with a door and window company, like Tri -County Glass Solutions Of Cambridge Inc